Presentaciones Quinto Coloquio Anual



       Fractal Modeling in Scientific Research


       The Role of Research in Development of Bolivia


       Application of fractional coverage to evaluate deforestation in the Bolivian-Tucuman Forest


       Scope of research in Beisa 3


       Application of GIS in the research Project BEISA


       Ethics of Research


       Agroecology and poverty reduction in Bolivia


       BIORENA-Research Center for Biodiversity and Natural Resources


       Establishment of the System for Implementation of Sustainable Rural Development


       Alimentary innocuity


       Networking, mobility and financing: successful cooperation projects in Bolivia


       Management case of the faculty of agricultural research


       Wordpress Implementation of ICT in education as


       SENAPI: Copyright and Rights


       Design and fabrication of high energy miller used to synthesis of materials


       Project: Strategic Alliances in Scientific Research ECORFAN-Bolivia


       Happiness is possible to measure?


       Study of development cooperation between Bolivia and Spain in the field of education


       The knowledge economy in the current


       Financing strategies for SMEs


       Fractal logistics systems


       Fractional noises in fractal modeling


       Weed Identification of the Iñao Serrania


       The distribution of income as a determinant


       Nanotechnology in the discipline of architectural restoration in Sucre


       Finance and Methods


       Department of Scientific and Technological Production USFX-Bolivia


       Reality of scientific research in the areas of ICTs in pre degree


       Intellectual Property and Records as a Tool for Development


       Research web resources


       Recursion in multifractal concentration


       Study econometric profitability of savings in the province of Santa Elena: Cointegration approach and financial analysis for the case of San Vicente and Tambo


       Sucre City of knowledge


       Evaluation of Chagas disease in Nuclear Cardiology


       Gender violence in the middle level students UAGro